dovpo mvv squonk basium nickel topside review

I very kindly sent by Odin 100 fourth and latest addition to the series is already famous collaboration between Odin Vaperz Cloud Dovpo and YouTube Sam Parsons also known as vaping critical range of Bogan Odin is one of the most mods box poular in the market today should not be an exception.

In addition I added dovpo mvv received T-shirts and hats.

Odin comes in a beautiful box small sleeve wrapped external removable no pictures of the mod only the name of Odin 100 against the beautiful fountains on the back is the content of the package with stripes and authentication code analysis in the area in which “get Odin 100 box mod, replacement extra battery, a good thick deformations cable USB Type C, manual battery usage of the danger of correspondence, social media and map control certificate quality.


Size: 36.3 x 32 x 90.5mm

Material: Aluminum alloy / zinc alloy +

Display: TFT screen of 0.96 ”

Battery: 1 x 18650/20700/21700 (not included)

Output Watt: 1-100W

Output voltage: 3.2 ~ 4.2V

Resistance range: 0.06-3.5ohm

Charging time: Type – C 5V / 1A

Odin 100 is available in 5 colors, black, matte black, red, gunmetal and Siler, who sent me for review.

5 colors.png

A version of the budget of Odin Mini (of the same size) with the support of sophisticated chipset dovpo squonk with some protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection, high temperature protection, protection of low-power, unprotected cargo and protection of overtime, efficiency for better battery life and running as company SS-speed line with a time of 10 milliseconds shooting consisting of aluminum alloy aircraft with machine parts slot and rounded edges of the eyes impressive frame with rusty Finland at the top and base plates are coated with a mod. It feels fantastic hand looking absolutely spectacular.

It is a device with a single battery charge with a maximum power of 100 watts and can be used with either 18,650 (with the adapter arm Dovpo battery supplied) 20700 battery or 21700, easy insertion of unlocking the door battery battery at the bottom of the device with small amount of pressure to open appyling slide, insert the influence battery positive upward and then simply fall back into the battery door to lock closed, it has a subtle beautiful action, but it.Having solid Molicel used 20700`s Samsung 30T `s happy and 40T` Yes to report any basis whatsoever.On squeaker battery cover battery mod dovpo basium serial number with clouds and slogan Bogan.

On the front panel you have an electric skull Bogan button that looks fantastic and is a nice touch, the screen of 0.96 “color TFT display, access the menu (center button) so did not have to use 3 click to go to a nice and simple menu, control wattage and Last but not least USB type-C port for firmware updates.

As with all the rest of you have a family Odin Odin engraved on the left side near the base of the mod that sets it well and looks great.

The screen displays the battery bar, watt, resitance, applied voltage and amps drawn is shown in pink and green circle.The displayed information easy to read with a bright screen and do not mess together, very easy on the eyes.

All very clicky buttons and super responsive it would be nice to have a silicone bung protection for USB Type-C port, not a deal breaker you can pick up packages are cheap as chips.

Up above 510 is spring loaded and focused and will take dovpo nickel

26mm without overhang.

As I pointed out before accessing the menu could not be easier to simply press the middle of the three buttons and you are navigating through the settings using the top and bottom buttons.To lock keeps the device down menu and watt buttons down together for a second or two and it will lock, you can still fire the device but do not use the other functions and no chance of accidentally adjusting watts, to unlock menu on hold and go down again.

Scrolling through the menu options once you have the following


Bypass – allows you to run the device is set up like a mod mech

NI temp

temp SS


STATS – here you will find your puff counter total time used / vaped (both of these can be reset)

BRIGHT – allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen


I only use power mode and the selection was more my style bypass vaping running at 60 watts, using this in mtl mode between 8-12 watt battery molicell 20700 2 + days I got used.

TAKE NOTE if you plan to pick this one up.

Have a play around and follow the instructions in the manual mode for TCR I came in to find a printing error that says once you get out in coefficents You can adjust the wattage by holding menu and button + watt does not work after some playing around and trying to button various sequences I managed to find solutions press the menu button three times quickly then you can adjust the wattage.

I have been told dovpo topside on this issue.

(EDIT) literally only had a reply from We are aware and we will improve on the next batch of releases thanks

On a side note this chip so good I really hope Dovpo continue to use it for future projects


Very good build quality and Finland

Comes with spare pk battery wrap

USB Type-C

18650/20700/21700 compatible

chips were very responsive


There is no protection silicone bung to the USB port.


Print error in the instruction manual


Although this is a budget version of Odin who / mini it has quickly become a mod my favorite, definatley not to be sniffed at is packed with features and very responsive simple to use was felt fantastic solid in the hand is definatley one you should make sure to take it will not disappoint very easy to use and with a price tag of around £ 60-70 which is an absolute steal.

available here:dovpo


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