Understanding VOOPOO’s Drag Power & Heat Conversion Efficiency

Voopoo, an Australian company, has created a new product that makes vaporizing aromatic essentials more accessible to casual and professional users alike. VOOPOO has invented an environmentally friendly way to provide a safe, efficient, convenient way to enjoy aromatic concentrates. VOOPOO is based on the idea of “reusing” common household items and turning them into a highly effective aromatherapy product that can be used anywhere. Through extensive research and creative advances in the vaporizing industry, VOOPOO has established itself as one of the leading authorities in the aromatic industry.


To provide an even higher purity of Vapor, manufacturers of VOOPOO include a sub-ohm tank. These coils are custom-sized to provide the same amount of vapor with a reduced amount of heat loss. For example, a twelve-pack of twelve rolls of moist or leaf will produce approximately one hundred and twenty-two watts of power. However, because the new coils are customized, a sub-ohm tank will be required to compensate for the lack of heat dissipation. The resulting product will have a milder yet flavorful vapor with no noticeable changes required by the user.


As opposed to conventional cigarettes, a user does not need a bulky and heavy machine in order to enjoy a good. To achieve this goal, VOOPOO has developed a series of uniquely designed tanks and coils that can be attached to any standard-sized heating unit. This enables VOOPOO users to utilize a standard heating device without having to convert or remodel the device. A user simply places the heated coil or tank into a matching port on the front of the unit, and voila! Instant vapors are released.

Through thorough research and careful technological leaps, Voopoo has revolutionized the aromatic industry. Through its affiliation with the manufacturing and distribution of herbal extracts, VOOPOO has gained popularity as an innovative woody-panic exchange company. The brand’s ability to use these two concepts to its advantage and create a unique product is responsible for its widespread appeal. The concept of vaporizing aromatic essence allows users to enjoy the scent of many flowers and essences while inhaling a concentrated blend of flowers. The consistency and convenience of VOOPOO are unmatched.


By utilizing the same patented technology that has made VOOPOO the most popular alternative to smoking, the device is capable of delivering up to six hours of total battery life. This allows a person to enjoy their vapor smoking experience without the need to invest in an additional battery. Users can increase their vapor power by simply upgrading their intake port pipes, increasing the amount of airflow that is distributed through their unit.

Unlike some other products on the market, VOOPOO does not use copper wires or coils. Instead, the coils are housed within an outer metal case that is made from durable and resistant material. By doing so, this device is able to better absorb and spread the heat without compromising the efficacy or longevity of the inner coil. Also, unlike many other types of devices that use air circulation as means of distributing heat, VOOPOO utilizes micro-circulated airflow which guarantees that the heat dissipates evenly throughout the entire heating system.

voopoo pod

Another unique feature of VOOPOO is its ability to allow a user to change the amount of water in their lungs. By using a reusable water bottle or container, users can regulate the amount of vapor produced. As a result, they no longer need to worry about the temperature inside the house. In fact, they may be able to keep their surroundings warmer while still enjoying an awesome taste of vapor!

Another aspect of the VOOPOO drag comes in the form of the 0.2-ohm high resistance coils. The resistance is designed to produce the smoothest vapor, while also increasing airflow by preventing backflow. This feature helps to ensure that all of the heat generated by the device is dispersed and evenly distributed, ensuring the most efficient possible vapor transfer. All in all, with the addition of these coils to the standard VOOPOO package a larger range of potential consumers will be exposed to this innovative product.

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