The Vapest Vapes – The Vaporizerie – An All in One Vaporizer Kit

voopoo Vapor Oven is something of a kitchen appliance that will change the way you look at smoking forever. So popular, in fact, that it’s actually been said that if you didn’t own one, you were a hippie! The first of course being a vapourizer. It made it possible for you to smoke your food without any mess or smoke or toxic chemicals whatsoever. Oh, and did I mention that you could cook food with them too? So easy, so simple.

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Voopoo is well known by everyone, they’re well loved, not so much loved, but there’s one thing you can safely say about them, and that’s they make some fantastic, unique, high quality vaporizers. When the original Voopoo vaporizer was launched it was like a light was turned on, it brought with it, some truly innovative features that have since become standard in vaporizing devices since. Today, the VOOPOO Vibrant and Cool Mist products offer even more. But why would I want to buy a VOOPOO Vaporizer?

Because the original series of Voopoo Vaporizers and Kits are USB powered you don’t need to mess around with messy cords. All the units in the Vio Series are cordless and come with their own charging stations. This means that even though you’ve plugged it into a wall outlet all day, you won’t have to worry about recharging the devices. And since it’s all cordless, you can be sure that the batteries will last you quite a while.

Well there are a few different reasons, actually. The original vinci 2 device is great for when you want super strong vibrations to help you get your feet rolling. You can also use it to intensify your orgasms. With the VOOPOO Vibrant and Cool Mist products however, you get to enjoy stronger vibrations. This means that they work really well for couples where one person smokes and wants that extra kick in the pants.

The vaporizing coils in the Vio Series allow you to customize your experience with you new device. You can get either a very light and airy breeze for a desktop vibe, or you can use heavy duty airflow for huge clouds of vapor. You can also select from a variety of airflow configurations with the Vaporizerie. The default settings let you know how much airflow you need to achieve your desired level of vapor production without over-lighting your bud.

For a lot of people, compatibility is important. They want to be able to use the vaporizer with any kind of pipes or pods that people have. Most people find that the vaporizers and p np coils from the Vio Series are compatible with most of the popular pipes and pods on the market today, including the Madara and Mira pod systems.

Some of the newer kits even have two extra screens which allow you to keep track of how many puffs you have left while you are enjoying your cup of Joe. They also come with a neat little LED display that tells you when your puff counter is full. Other cool features include a built in clock, easy to remove battery door, a foot switch for starting your vaporizer, ability to hold fire, an auto shut off system, a charging port, a side fill port, a preheat setting, a temperature control display, and two beautiful glass front jars to place your finished products in. A vaporizer kit is definitely a great investment for anyone looking to save time, money, headaches, frustration, and effort. You should definitely add one to your arsenal!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest trends, then you may want to consider an upgrade for your unit. One of the latest Vaporizerie devices has an extremely large battery. Many of the larger Vaporizers and Kits these days are powered by large rechargeable batteries, such as the H2 electrolytes which provide a constant source of power for your unit. Some even feature a removable battery door for quick, simple changes.

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