Pros and Cons of Vaping

Vaping is an electronic cigarette that simulates tobacco smoking. The device has an atomizer, a battery, and a container that the user inhales the vapor from. People who use this product are known as “vapers.” They claim that they have not suffered any side effects from the vapor, and many people have become addicted to vaping. Here are some pros and cons of vaping. Read on to find out more about the benefits and risks of vaping.


To help prevent childhood vaping, it is important for parents to educate their children. One way to do this is to ask if any of the other kids in the school They can then talk to their teacher about their experiences with vaping and tell them that it is dangerous for their health. In addition to teaching them about the dangers, parents should educate themselves about the health risks of vaping. For this, it can be helpful to research the topic together.

There are a number of problems with vaping. The nicotine in the vapor is harmful to the brain, and can affect a child’s learning, concentration, mood, and impulse control later in life. In addition to causing a variety of health issues, vaping increases the chances of using other tobacco products. The vapor emitted from an e-cigarette contains very fine particles that can cause lung inflammation and lead to nicotine addiction.

Several studies have found that nicotine affects brain development. It can affect mood, concentration, and impulse control later in life. It can also promote smoking other types of tobacco products, putting a child at greater risk for other problems associated with tobacco. The vapor from an e-cigarette is also dangerous for the lungs. The vapor can damage the lung tissue. This means that the vaping product is not safe for kids. Aside from its harmful effects on the brain, vaping poses additional risks to public health.

The effects of vaping are serious, and they can lead to other health problems, such as lung inflammation. In children, the vapor contains very fine particles and harmful chemicals. Some of these substances can end up in the air, which can result in lung cancer. This is a problem that can be treated in the short-term by taking the right steps. Nonetheless, it is important to seek medical advice from a doctor as soon as possible.

The impact of vaping can be severe and can progress quickly. When a child develops symptoms of breathing problems, the first step is to contact a doctor immediately. This is the only way to prevent the condition from progressing to life-threatening proportions. A visit to the pediatrician is the first step. Afterward, the child must go to the nearest emergency room to be treated. If the symptoms are worse than the symptoms, the doctor may want to check the child’s respiratory system or lungs.

As with any drug, the risks of vaping are often overlooked. But it is essential to understand how it affects your child’s health. While it may not seem like a big deal, the risks can be serious and can lead to a life-threatening disease. The best way to prevent your child from developing respiratory complications is to learn as much as you can about the risks of vaping as possible. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can take action to protect your child from future problems.

Some studies have found that vaping can have health risks for children. Although some vapers don’t experience severe effects, many people experience serious adverse reactions from their vapor. For this reason, it is important to educate your child about the dangers of vaping before it causes a life-threatening illness. However, this is easier said than done. For instance, while nicotine is a stimulant, e-cigarettes also contain other chemicals that can damage the nervous system.

The effects of vaping on children are more dangerous than those of tobacco. The nicotine content in e-cigarettes affects brain development. This can lead to problems with concentration, impulse control, and learning. It can also increase the risk of developing an addiction to other tobacco products. Moreover, the vapor from e-cigarettes is extremely fine, which can cause lung inflammation and may be harmful to lungs. It’s not uncommon for a child to experience some of these symptoms even if he or she has only recently begun using e-cigarettes.

How to Find the Best Location for a Vape Shop

A good location for a shop will be in a high-traffic area with good visibility and ample parking. It should also have an attractive storefront. In the year 2020, the industry is expected to reach $6.09 billion USD and is projected to grow 27% by 2028. This is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to become part of this new industry. Here are some tips to help you find the best location for your new business.

vape shop

First, choose the type of business entity. Several business entities are available. A sole proprietorship is the easiest to set up, but a limited liability company has more protections. For example, a C-corp can have only one owner. It’s easy to establish a vape shop in your state, and the law permits a solitary owner to own the business. Depending on your personal situation, a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company may be better.

Establish a business checking account. Setting up a separate account for your vape shop will keep your personal finances separate. When you need to pay employees and bill vendors, you’ll be able to use this account. It’s best to open a business checking, since this will allow you to pay bills and employees with ease. Besides, having a separate account for your business will help you to avoid making any mistakes. Getting a business checkbook is another important step.

Decide on the type of business entity. A vape shop can be a sole proprietorship, LLC, or C-corp. S-corps have limited liability protection, while C-corps have no such protections. It’s best to choose an entity that best matches your needs and allows you to maximize the benefits of your business. Then, you’ll be able to find the best place to purchase your favorite products.

Determine the business entity. While convenience stores are generally easy to operate, you’ll want to consider how convenient they are in your area. For example, you’ll want to consider whether you’ll be putting yourself in a high-traffic environment. Then, you can choose the type of business entity. It’s important to choose a name that is easy to remember. A good name is important for a successful vape shop.

Consider the demographics of your customers. Whether or not they are a newcomer or an experienced vaporizer, the types of customers you’re likely to encounter can be a big help to the business. Almost half of current vapers have quit smoking and have lower nicotine levels than they did when they first started. Some vape shops offer cessation information and even referrals from local health services. They can also be a good way to get the word out about the benefits of e-cigarettes.

A good place to start a vape shop is near a mall or other location that is popular amongst smokers. If you’re in a city, you’ll probably see a lot of people vaping. You can also look online to find reviews and opinions about the product. You can also visit the website of the shop and read reviews from other people who have used it. There are many other ways to start a vape shop.

If you’re starting a vape shop with friends or family, it’s important to hire someone to help you manage the business. It is common for a vape shop owner to hire up to three employees, although this may not be enough to cover the costs of all the employees. A person who will be working in the store is expected to be able to give good customer service and provide quality advice to the customers. A person who is not a vaper should not be a smoker.

The next step to start a vape shop is to decide on an entity. The type of business entity you choose should depend on the purpose of your shop. For example, a vape shop might be a convenience store or a vaporizer. The location is important. If your shop is located in an area where vaping is prohibited, you should consider a different location. It is important to be aware of the potential risks to people who use e-cigarettes.

How to Open a Vape Shop

vape shop

How to Open a Shop

There are several factors to consider before opening a vape shop. First of all, it’s essential to have a good credit rating. You must also have enough money to invest between 15 and 25 percent of the total start-up cost. Keep your business and personal finances separate. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of expenses without any confusion. You may also be required to install an age verification widget. If you’re not sure which is best for your needs, consult your local government.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need additional licenses and permits. To make sure you have all the correct legal documentation, speak to a lawyer or the county clerk’s office. You’ll also have to register as a business entity with your state. The costs vary by state. Once you’ve chosen the type of business entity, you can start searching for products. You’ll need to find a location in your area and choose the products you want to sell.

A vape shop should be a place where customers can relax and unwind. You shouldn’t be rushing out and purchasing high-end equipment just to start your business. Instead, you should spend some time educating yourself on the different types of products available. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a better understanding of the different products available. You’ll also be more likely to be able to find the right products at a vape shop.

If you’re a smoker, a vape shop is a good place to start. It allows you to try out new products. A knowledgeable owner can help you decide which one will suit your needs and budget. In addition to that, you’ll get instant gratification in a friendly atmosphere. There is no need for you to have a degree in business to open a vape shop. In fact, a basic knowledge of finance and accounting can help you make a profitable business.

Whether you want to open a vape shop in Pleasantville or in a city like New Rochelle, a good location is important. It’s an easy way to find the perfect product and save time and money. Moreover, a vape shop is a great place to meet new people and try out new things. There’s no better place to get a taste of a new product than a vape store.

When starting a vape shop, it’s important to select the right type of business entity. There are several types of businesses, including a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company. A limited liability company will offer more protection against the potential risks of having customers inhale e-liquid. While a sole proprietorship is the most common option, a limited liability company will not have the same protection from lawsuits.

The FDA recently increased the age to purchase tobacco products to protect consumers. As a result, a vape shop can provide an alternative for smokers. While it doesn’t require a business degree, you do need to have a keen eye for safety. If you’re a smoker, you may not want to work with a vape shop. However, if you’re a health-conscious person, a vape shop may be the best choice for you.

Besides selling e-cigarettes, a vape shop can also help smokers quit smoking. Unlike the other forms of business, a vape shop can help smokers quit. In addition to offering information on quitting, a vapor shop is also a place for smokers to find the perfect product for their needs. And a vape shop will give them instant gratification. This is what makes these shops unique.

If you’re considering opening a vape shop, you’ll need to consider what kind of customers you’re targeting. If you’re aiming for a purely recreational customer base, you’ll need to invest in e-cigarette-friendly software. This will allow you to manage day-to-day tasks in a more efficient manner. You’ll want to look for a vape shop software that works for you.

While you’ll want to have a good reputation with customers, it’s equally important to set up a vape shop that’s welcoming to both employees and customers. The atmosphere of the space is important, too. It should be clean and comfortable for customers. You should also make sure the staff members in the shop have proper training. Your staff should know what the policies are for the store. Your staff should know how to respond to customers, and what to avoid.

Back To School; Time To Recharge

There is a brand-new Drag out the obstruct, as well as Voopoo have been striving to bring us the current version of this ever before popular tool!

Continuing the tale that’s the Drag, voopoo vape have actually changed points about a bit. The initial Drag was naturally your day-to-day Variable Power level mod with a container consisted of in the package pack, while different iterations given that have been comparable, up up till the Drag 2 at the very least, at which factor, the Drag collection ended up being drastically various, with “Vessel Mods” being the major aim with the Drag S/Drag X collection as well as the Drag Max which was a double battery variation.

As a matter of fact, whatever was Sheath associated or a “Skin Mod” just lately. We have not seen anything appear of Voopoo with a 510 port on it for a very long time. The last was the Argus GT that was equipped with a “Husk storage container”.

Let’s have a look at what Voopoo have performed with the new Drag!!

Huge many thanks mosts likely to Voopoo for sending out this straight with to me for evaluate!

The Drag 3 has gone back to it is yard origins, of being a Mod firstly, that could take Sheathings as an additional alternative. Gone is the POD recess in the body of the gadget, that was offered with the Drag S/X collection, and also Argus GT, with a springtime filled 510 supplied instead, so you could place your much-loved atomiser on leading if you don’t want to utilize the supplied Pod Storage container.

That is not to claim that Voopoo have gotten rid of Cases, rather, they’ve given a brand-new Capsule Storage container and also new Pod make in the set rather than a sub-ohm storage container. This Capsule storage container is an updated variation of the initial that delivered with the Argus GT. This moment about however, they’ve debuted some new coils and also modified Husk to healthy them. Not utilizing the prominent PnP coils, the “TPP” Shell is somewhat taller, with a a lot bigger coil recess, and also a couple of various other renovations over the initial. Do not worry that the PnP coils as well as pods are provided for however, this brand-new Pod storage container will still have the ability to be utilized with your PnP Case and also coils as a result of it is connect and also play nature. Both kinds of Pod could be utilized with the new Pod Storage container base.

Showing off an optimum result of 177 Watts, this double 18650 powered gadget, holds into all the success of the initial Drag, while giving several of the much a lot extra contemporary conveniences. The user interface of the Drag 3 was taken on from the Drag S/X collection, with a vivid display, simple to utilize controls, and intuitive create.

Beaming with the 1.08in colour TFT display, you will have actually 3 various individual modes, Variable Electrical power, RBA setting, as well as Smart Setting, with a ‘Super’ setting kicking in as soon as you are over the 80Watt note. Temperature level regulate was left from the supply common chip, however not to worry, it is still offered from a software application upgrade from the Voopoo internet site.

Can be found in at about 86 x 52 x 25mm the Drag 3 Mod, is elegant and also modern-day, made from a light-weight Zinc Alloy with natural leather place in the recover. You will identify the designing as a little a crossbreed of the previous Drags, with it is chamfered sides, and also really familiar front show panel.

Up leading obtained a 510, which is springtime packed to make sure you could place most any kind of tank on leading. It appears a little bit increased, possibly by concerning 1/2 mm, so it is not recognizable, yet just sufficient to aid with not obtaining those storage containers stuck on leading. For me it is not a huge deal, as I do not see it, however those that experience a little OCD, it may just be a concern.

On the front side, the show panel, there’s a big round discharge switch, 1.08in colour TFT display, 2 smaller sized up/down switches, as well as a USB Type-C billing as well as upgrade port.

The sides of the gadget are bare of switches and so on.. yet continues the Drag designing with moulded Zinc Alloy towards the front with the Natural leather place starting concerning midway and also complying with on with around the back heel. This natural leather place is cushioned as well as is a bit cushiony with a beautiful hand really feel to it.

Below, you will discover your battery tray, a basic slide and also open event, where you are 2 18650 batteries will reside.

If seen the majority of Voopoo’s items over the in 2015, you will bear in mind the Argus GT, such as this Drag 3, it as well brought out a Sheathing Storage container, rather than having actually the POD resting straight on the gadget, it rested in it is very own little storage container base, that after that strings right into the conventional 510 of the Mod. This is an excellent idea, as it provides you the most effective of both globes, the capcapacity to utilize any kind of tank you desire in addition to the tool, however also the choice of operating Voopoo’s outstanding Coverings on leading.

The Sheath mod on the Drag 3 is an updated variation of that initial on the Argus GT as well as is called the TPP Case Storage container taking TPP Hulls and also coils. This time around about Voopoo are supplying up a bigger e-liquid capability can be found in at concerning 5.5mls, in addition to new coils and also Pods to fit.

The brand-new Pods are constructed to utilize the new TPP coil vary, which are a little bigger compared to the PnP coils, as well as the new Pods have actually a detachable 810 drip pointer, so you could in shape your personal 810 drip suggestions! (As lengthy as they are ideas with the orings outside, rubbing in shape 810’s will not in shape.

The link to the base of the Case Storage container is still utilizing magnets, so you could quickly stand out the Case on and also off as you please, exchanging various flavours in different Cases as high as you like.

The base of the Sheaths have a somewhat various develop compared to the initial PnP sheathings however they’re not entirely different. They function colored PCTG plastic, and also push in coils, along with bottom load via the silicone connect below.

The brand-new TPP coils that include the Drag 3 are monsters, as you could see in the images, they have large wicking ports or openings in the side, making certain you’ll never ever obtain a completely dry strike, and also carry harmonize coils much like the initial PnP coils so you will constantly obtain optimal flavour.

Usually I would certainly have place a summary and how I’d faired with both of the coils, however to be sincere, the vape is rather comparable. Both coils pump out some exceptional flavour, a wonderful wet thick flavour. Both function perfectly in their suggested power varies, if anything, you could push them a little bit more difficult. I located that I had to transform my electrical power up near the optimal power variety of the coils to obtain the greatest vape, or it was in fact also wet.

Be cautious, these coils do wick extremely efficiently, so if you are leaving your Sheath complete for greater than a couple of hrs without vaping it, ensure you get rid of the Vessel as well as keep it individually or you could possibly locate a little of e-liquid infiltration below it. (Not that that’s a concern yet it’ll conserve you a cleanup)

As constantly, Voopoo’s air movement is amazing, the flexible external air flow ring on the base of the TPP Skin Storage container is a cyclops design air movement, permitting you to readjust from a tool Mouth to Lung attract, throughout to a truly open up Straight to Lung attract. You actually could place a great deal of air via this.

One point to watch out for, is the air regulate ring rotates completely about without stopper, so you will have to actually check out exactly how you are changing as opposed to by really feel.

The Drag 3 is a twin 18650 battery tool. Some could argue that 20700 batteries or 21700 batteries must have been made use of, because of bigger ability, however actually I believe they would certainly have just made this gadget much also huge and heavy.

The battery bay resembles the Argus GT with a move and swing activity, subjecting both battery recesses. There isn’t really a great deal of motion in the door when moving open, so there may be a danger of the tiny tabs that hold it putting on in the future, yet thus far so great, and also I’ve had actually no concerns with either the Argus GT neither the Drag Max that both have comparable battery bays for as lengthy as I’ve been utilizing them.

On the front panel, you will discover a USB Type-C port, this is for emergency situation billing, and any kind of software updates you have to do.

The billing board has actually a 5V/2A input, so it is quick charging, likewise featuring stabilize charging throughout the 2 batteries.

Dental filling the TPP Sheaths that include the Drag 3 is extremely basic much like the PnP sheathings. Raise the little silicone connect from all-time low, as well as load. I’ve had no problems with blowback in any way, as well as filling was fairly tidy.

Of course. Yet not a lot that you had actually grumble regarding, simply a little bit annoyance of some infiltration from the base of the Shell. I am suspecting this is originating from the load port, or all-time low of the coil. And also in all sincerity, I am not stunned that there may be some infiltration. Did you see the dimension of the wicking ports in the coils! They’re massive! And these coils gobble “a great deal” of juice.

This isn’t really an offer awesome nonetheless, simply a niggly annoyance. No fluid gets to the mod, or actually even appears of the air movement in the base of the storage container, so it is an issue of a fast clean whenever you replenish.

Utilizing the Drag 3 is rather simple, Voopoo have actually simplified points a little bit and excluded a few of the lower made use of features for this construct, like temperature level manage. Nonetheless, if you still desire temp manage, they’ve catered for you also, you could get it through the Voopoo site as a software application update.

uncertain if this is the best concept or otherwise, however I mean those that are wise sufficient to wish to use temperature level regulate mode, ought to be wise sufficient to do a software program update.

You will see two primary modes on the Drag 3.

Every little thing else on the Drag 3 resembles previous designs. 5x clicking the discharge switch to transform the tool off/on, Terminate switch + down removes the puff respond to, Discharge switch + Up will certainly place you in electrical power secure, 3 clicks of the terminate switch will change you in between Clever Power level and also RBA settings.

You could get the Voopoo Drag 3 straight via Voopoo’s on the internet store for concerning $64 USD, which is rather an excellent cost for a double battery gadget. It is fairly an outstanding arrangement for that rate range.

I am actually appreciating the Drag 3, it is an excellent size, and really comfortable to hold. Most of all the develop high top quality is outstanding, as well as seeing Voopoo continuously enhancing their items is excellent to see.

It is good to see that they’ve gone back to the 510 link on this, as I could see many people wishing to utilize this light-weight mod with their very own tanks, and as a bonus offer, the Sheath Storage container enables you to run an endless variety of Capsules with various flavours, quickly swappable.

I do not have actually a great deal of disadvantages, as this is a very tight arrangement. A little bit e-liquid infiltration, and also that I cannot healthy my much-loved 810 drip suggestions are the just issues that I have, or else this is an extremely strong tool.

I could see this being just one of those sets that individuals could buy to obtain a modern-day double battery gadget to utilize with their present RTA’s and RDA’s, as well as naturally for those that like Vessels, yet want a little bit much a lot extra battery life!

Wonderful function as constantly Voopoo!

Voopoo Drag X Bonus Evaluated

Da One Technology: Barrel 2 Shell Evaluated

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When And How To Say “I Just Can’t Do It!”

The Voopoo Drag 3 is the latest addition to the ever popular Drag family of vape mods. Since then, Voopoo has launched the Drag 2 and Drag Mini mods, the Drag Nano pod vape, and the Drag X, Drag S, and Drag Max pod mods.

The Drag 3 marks Voopoo’s very first go back to a double battery 510 mod given that the Argus GT of in 2015. It takes two 18650 batteries and uses the Gene.Fan 2.0 chipset to fire at as much as 177W. The set includes the TPP Tank and a 510 adapter that allows it to be used on the Drag 3 and any other mod with a 510 connection. This TPP Tank is likewise compatible with previous Voopoo pod mods like the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. Similarly, the 510 adapter allows the Drag 3 to be utilized with all PnP tanks.

This gadget was sent out to me by Voopoo for the purpose of this evaluation.

Box ContentsVoopoo Drag 3 Kit Box Contents

1 x Drag 3 Gadget

1 x TPP Pod Tank

1 x TPP DM1 0.15 ohm Coil

1 x TPP DM2 0.20 ohm Coil

1 x Type-C Cable television

1 x User Manual


voopoo vape Drag 3 Mod

Gene.Fan 2.0 Chipset

Double 18650 Battery Mod

177W Optimum Wattage Output

Adjustable Wattage

Smart, Power & TC Modes

Suitable with 510, TPP, and PnP Tanks

TPP Pod Tank

5.5 ml Capacity

Adjustable Air flow

510 Adapter Works with PnP Tanks

Style & Build Quality

Voopoo Drag 3 4Voopoo Drag 3 1Voopoo Drag 3 2Voopoo Drag 3 3Voopoo Drag 3 5Voopoo Drag 3 4Voopoo Drag 3 1








The Drag 3 has actually been offered a complete redesign compared to its predecessors. The initial Drag and Drag 2 looked extremely comparable to one another however the Drag 3 looks nothing like them. Rather, the Drag 3 is covered in premium leather and includes a more straight and boxy design.

The zinc-alloy frame and brushed metal inlays surround the leather and wrap and provide the Drag 3 a high-end, superior look. This frame comes painted in silver or black, depending on the color option that you choose. On the rear end of the mod, simply listed below the 510 adapter, is a little metal “DRAG” nameplate.

It’s still prematurely to say for sure however compared to the Drag and Drag 2, it seems like Voopoo have enhanced the paint quality. My paint is still perfectly undamaged, even on the bottom of the mod, but I’ll need to see how it holds up after a couple of months of use.

The Drag 3 is average sized however really rather light-weight for a double battery mod. This makes it ideal for trips out of your house (not that I have actually been able to do that in the midst of this pandemic) and it’s not too huge or heavy to put in your pocket. One of the few complaints I have is that if you grip it too firmly the straight edges make the mod a little uneasy to hold.

The 510 port plate is situated off-center towards the back side of the mod. On the bright side, this need to keep tanks from scratching up the top of the mod.

The screen is a large full-color display that corresponds the one on the Drag Max. It’s high-resolution, brilliant, and crisp. This screen shows private battery life signs, mode, wattage, a puff counter, voltage, coil resistance, and puff time.

The power and modification buttons are round with a glossy silver accent ring. They all feel excellent and work well. One intriguing thing I discovered is that there’s an indent on the left side of the change buttons. This makes the buttons look like their off center although they’re not. I’m unsure why Voopoo did this as it serves no practical function and makes the adjustment buttons look weird.

The battery door on the Drag 3 slides out and then opens up. There’s a lot of side-to-side wiggle when the battery door is open and that issues me. I feel like there’s a great possibility that this door will break in the long-term but this is simply speculation based on how the door feels.

Features & FunctionsVoopoo Drag 3 Features

The Drag 3 utilizes the Gene.Fan 2.0 chipset which was first utilized in the Drag Max. This chip allows the Drag 3 to fire from 5-177W and brings Smart mode, RBA (standard Wattage) mode, and TC modes.

Smart mode is suggested for use with the consisted of TPP tank or Voopoo’s PnP tanks, and TPP or PnP coils. In Smart mode the wattage is restricted to the max wattage ranking of the coil to prevent you from burning it. Smart mode likewise instantly sets the mod to the ideal wattage for your coil when you place the pod. This is great for new vapers who aren’t sure how high they must set the wattage and also avoids the mod from mistakenly being set expensive.

RBA mode works like your basic wattage mode and is for usage with other non-Voopoo subohm tanks and RBAs. In RBA mode you can set the wattage as high as you like without any limitations. To change modes press the fire button three times.

Out of package the Drag 3 only includes Smart mode and RBA mode made it possible for. Then you’ll have to download the Voopoo software program and Drag 3 firmware update from their assistance page, if you desire to utilize TC.

After downloading both, plug your Drag 3 into your computer and run the Voopoo configuration program. Select the Drag 3 firmware that you downloaded and then hit ‘Download( U)’. Your Drag 3 will turn off as the firmware upgrade is set up.

There are 3 TC modes: NI, TI, and SS. When you remain in TC mode you can scroll all the way to alter from F ° to C ° and vice versa. You can hold both adjustment buttons to go into the TC configuration menu where you can alter the TCR worth, change the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

You can pick from two UI’s: Iron (portrait orientation) or Core (landscape orientation). They both look really similar however the ‘Core’ UI looks a bit more modern and futuristic. I do not have a genuine choice as I believe they both look cool however I discovered myself utilizing the ‘Iron’ picture UI the majority of the time.

Drag 3 Button Combinations

Power On or Off: Press the fire button 5 times.

Change Modes: Press the fire button 3 times.

Change UI: Hold both modification buttons to raise the UI menu. Use the adjustment buttons to choose the UI you want. Hold the fire button to validate.

Lock/Unlock All Buttons (Including the Fire Button): Hold the fire button and top adjustment button together.

Reset Puff Counter: Hold the fire button and bottom modification button together.

Open TC Settings Menu: Hold both adjustment buttons while in TC mode. Here you can alter the TCR value, adjust the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

TPP Tank

Voopoo Drag 3 TPP CoilsVoopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 2Voopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 3Voopoo Drag 3 TPP TankVoopoo Drag 3 TPP CoilsVoopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 2







It’s a pod-style tank that is suitable with the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. It likewise comes with a 510 adapter that enables it to be utilized on the Drag 3 and any other mod with a 510 connector.

The TPP Tank matches and compliments the appearance of the Drag 3. The metal plate around the drip tip and 510 adapter match the color of the Drag 3: if you get one with a silver frame it will be silver, if your Drag 3 has a black frame then it will be black.

The tank will hold up to 5.5 ml of ejuice and is bottom filled through a port on the bottom of the tank. Coils push into the bottom of the tank.

Depending on the coil that you utilize you can go from a direct lung draw with the airflow open, to a restricted lung hit with the air flow almost closed up. With the broad bore of the drip suggestion and the plus size of this pod tank, the TPP Tank will work best with DL coils for DL vaping. If you want a MTL vape you’re better off with the MTL PnP tank.


Voopoo Drag 3 Package 3Voopoo Drag 3 Kit 3






The Drag 3 and TPP Tank include 2 new TPP coils:

1 x DM1 0.15 ohm coil (60-80W).

1 x DM2 0.20 ohm coil (40-60W).

Voopoo says that these coils have a larger surface area inside the coil and also heat up quicker. The 0.15 ohm coil is expected to be used from 60-80W and Voopoo says that it’s best from 65-75W. At 65W I get warm vapor and an excellent amount of flavor however it feels like it can be better. Increasing the wattage to 70W makes the vapor a little warmer, more to my preference, and the taste improves too. Vaping at 75-80W the vapor is hot and the flavor is not that far better than it is at 70W. Since you get the finest taste from the coil and the vapor is nice and warm, my favored wattage for this coil is 70W.

The 0.20 ohm coil is supposed to be utilized from 40-60W and best from 50-55W. If you like a hotter vape I would recommend using the 0.15 ohm coil. If you like a warm vape then this coil is the one to use.

Great entertainers, these coils dripped some ejuice even with 80VG. I didn’t have any messes or ejuice pouring out of the air flow holes but ejuice gathered in the base of the air flow control ring. It was never ever a considerable quantity of ejuice however enough to be visible and to necessitate discussing.

The Drag 3 has actually been an excellent, dependable mod to utilize. In Smart mode it properly spots the resistance of the coil and sets the limits appropriately. I did have a few circumstances where it read the resistance wrong however this was infrequent and quickly remedied by lifting the pod out and putting it back in.

Wattage mode works as it should. TCR for stainless steel just goes down to 1000 so this is the value I utilized for SS316L. It’s not the finest TC out there by any means however I do not mind utilizing it at all.


Voopoo entirely redesigned the Drag 3 and I enjoy what they’ve done with it. You can use PnP tanks with the 510 adapter on the Drag 3, utilize the TPP tank, or you can utilize any tank that uses a 510 connection.

On its own the Drag 3 is still a truly strong mod. The wattage mode efficiency is best and it even has a really usable TC mode with TCR. If you liked previous Drag mods then you’ll like the Drag 3 much more. This is definitely a mod and package worth picking up.

The Voopoo Drag 3 is the newest addition to the ever popular Drag household of vape mods. Considering that then, Voopoo has released the Drag 2 and Drag Mini mods, the Drag Nano pod vape, and the Drag X, Drag S, and Drag Max pod mods. The original Drag and Drag 2 looked very comparable to one another but the Drag 3 looks nothing like them. It’s a pod-style tank that is compatible with the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. The metal plate around the drip idea and 510 adapter match the color of the Drag 3: if you get one with a silver frame it will be silver, if your Drag 3 has a black frame then it will be black.