Review for Voopoo Vinci : A Gene.AI Powered AIO starter kit 1500mah 5 5ml standard

The AIO or Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci is stylish case, such as call Voopoo, mod pod. AIO fashion lately, and the company seems to support innovation in this product category instead of the traditional shielding system. Vinci comes in the design of a recently introduced its RPM Smok with the device and something tells me that we will see more companies will follow. Watt is rectangular with AIO setting, a large color screen and a useful set of functions courtesy of the always reliable GENE.AI chip.

Unfortunately, I have not tried RPM, this review does not include a direct comparison between the two. But read on to find out if the recommendation of the value Voopoo Vinci.

Price: $ 39.95 (in the element of vaporization)
Gray Aurora, dazzling space, carbon fiber, real, red, turkey ink, opal, amber hills, jade green

Kit contents
quality of construction and design

I Vinci measuring 104 mm by 25 mm by 25 mm tall to fit in the hand, but not super-portable vaporizer in any way. Given its size, I think it weighs more. Weighing approximately 114 grams, which is slightly heavier than the lightest lost vaporizer Orion but version 3 of the API mini and much lighter than Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Mod show new

I received an edition of carbon fiber and see other colors, it’s probably the first time I was disappointed that I have a simple device; colorful look amazing! Build quality is top notch and battery carbon fiber that label, but it looks and feels like the real thing. These keys are dislocated and no toys at all. And the highlight is the bright, large color screen font that looks amazing and very readable.

plastic cover and comes to ergonomics of the funnel, but also has one of the biggest problems with this unit. the charging port is covered by a silicone plug, and the plug attachment point is too thin. Trait result covers two pods, and now I have to use tweezers whenever you wanted a refill. Note that I have never taken before the device (let alone two of them), so it is not a user error. There is no substitute in the box, so I stuck with what I had until I buy a new pod. It’s sad, but can easily be solved if Voopoo requires notification cards and redraw.


To start, take the coils of the box, cut five drops of juice, and insert it into the bottom of the car. PnP coils, which, as its name suggests, the n’play card, just hit them. Then pull the silicone connector (beware!) And pod filling with liquid mail.

The next step is to choose the side pontoons will be connected to the battery. The air flow varies depending on the yaw, and the game can be checked on both sides to select the desired one. Then allow the device to cancel at least five minutes to allow the coil is saturated. Turn on the device and you’re ready to go.Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci Mod is automatically adjusted according to Watts reel used.

Ticks GENE.AI Vinci provides a set of functions, but the operation is quite simple.

Five clicks the button, the need for input and output devices.
Three clicks by pressing the scroll button between the three shooting modes (P AUTO interesting and P & A manually activated per second).
Press + or – to adjust watt.
A press + and – keys to enter the interface BLAST together.
Pressing the fire – all hands to scratch your daily increasing numbers.
Pressing + and fire together to lock the device (you can withdraw or change watt when locked).
In the press of three buttons at the same time enter the interface clock (you can change the time with the + and -).

head coil PnP

Vinci is equipped with two coils in the box:

PnP-coil VM1 mesh (0.3 ohm)
PnP-Kanthal coil R1 (0.8 ohms)
Voopoo register R1 Vinci and tennis nets, but a little research and I am sure it Kanthal coil or parallel cable. Note that the device is compatible with all coils Voopoo pnp this, pull the same baby rolls and using S Trio.

Two coils, including the lungs inhaled directly. The NIC power options, you can be considered a type of 0.3 ohm coils limited to ohm coils lung tank and about 0.8 ohm coils are stronger than the average tank MTL their rolls.

Apart from the two coils, two people homeless seem to 0.3 and 0.8 70VG main shaft. 0.3 began to have problems and should be changed after five refills, but do not forget that the juice pod carries 5.5 ml. 0.8 ohm coils will be strong in the third charge, but stopped after use of the coil better simply Vape 0.3 ohm in general.


I started saying coils 0.3 ohm coils can sheathe AIO / more potent than tried. 3 mg Ohm juice use with secondary tank did not feel small at all in this coil and I personally no more than 6 mg. I would say I’m out of the middle range Vape ohm coils with tank under (think Innokin isub-B).

With a selection of airflow, is a semi-DL vaporizer allows more limited, taking 3-4 seconds and an impressive steam. I go with options limited airflow tooltips even more flavor, but it may have to reduce the power of 35 watts default. I tend to use the air flow more open, but some can appreciate a tight draw a limited selection of airflow.

0.8 ohm coils are not too impressive, but it was not a bad feeling. It is smaller, but the taste is slightly muted with respect to a 0.3 ohm coil. I prefer to control air flow 15 watts or 12 watts default in the air flow control. Depending on the airflow and force you to go, I suggest you start with something about 6 mg of nicotine regularly and no more than 20 mg of salt Voopoo Drag Nano Pod get code. Note that the taste and persist in this coil, which can be annoying if you like the juice change along the day.

One important thing to note is that the two devices that have received came with a coil bad 0.3 ohms. And by bad, I mean blow dry after cleaning of those affected, regardless of the length of breathing and the ratio of PG / VG. Fortunately, Voopoo Too Mod click in sends me an extra box of this coil, I have tested extensively and works very well even with a drink over 4 seconds at 35 watts. I have yet to find someone else to complain online, so I guess my coil came from a bad batch. But keep in mind that if your reel gives you a hard time.

Retrograde had some serpentine me drainage and flood once, these two things when the juice is low. And I got to drought came when I was holding the device in a long corner. However, this problem can be applied, and are fine for occasional use of 0.8 ohm coils, especially if you are worried about running out of battery on the outside.

Apart from the performance of the coil devices fast shooting in manual mode, but the sensor can be delayed sometimes, especially in the A & P did not feel very consistent and I found a middle interruption spray frequently, but if ‘M wheezing. It does not bother me, especially because the manual mode is used, but some may find annoying. Finally Vinci refused to shoot two or three times, but returned to normal after suffering some liquid that accumulate between the battery and the pods.

the battery and the load

The house Vinci 1500 mAh battery, which is pretty impressive for a camera of its size. It is charged via micro USB port which is placed at the bottom of the device, so you will not be able to complete the installation of your hand. I am a full charge in one hour and 15 minutes, which is normal for this battery.

Using a 0.3 ohm coil, I went through a portion of the nacelle (about 6-6.5 ml) before having to be responsible. A coil of 0.8 ohms, which successfully passed the complete nacelle. I expected a little more, but the upper resistance coil juice consumed at a level lower than what I have to work hard to go through a full gondola in one day. Overall, the lifetime of the battery Vinci solid, but I felt safer leaving my position with the coil of 0.8 ohms, so I’m not sure I would be able to meet some time during the day.

problematic use

I had some disturbing incidents when the load Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp RBA and feel that a separate section is justified.

The first time you connect the device, and while costs are very low, I use it to check the pass-through support. It works so well that I still use it for a while, to continue to take after a stroke. I checked to see if the keys are locked, but it was not, so I removed the lid and put it back. And he started shooting again! I’m in a panic mode, it was found that the device and delete contacts, back in the boat and the shooting stopped. Then it all happens again.

I can not determine what was wrong and I have not managed to make it happen again. Certainly not automatically rejected while sitting in the office is used but, for the moment, there are two things I can say is do not use the device while charging, and generally keep an eye on the fixture. Hopefully this is a problem that can be easily fixed by the update.

pros and cons
Great build quality
It feels good in the hand
Edition colors look awesome
convenient channel
Two air flow options
It may contain 5.5 ml of juice
strong magnet
The screen is bright and easy to read font that
Two air flow options depending on how you enter the nacelle that
fast and accurate shot biochips
To 2 weeks can be useful
good battery
Compatible with five rolls
0.3 ohm coils delectable hollow package
facilitate airflow
easy connection defective silicone
Continue to stand by if not used for a while
Watt default function set after standby
A & P flexible sensor and automatically
0.3 ohm coils including poor
0.8 ohm coils can flood and spit juice when low
a little leak in a pod
do not stop shooting when used in connection (happened several times)

If you do not send additional coil Voopoo package of 0.3 ohms, this review will end up with a very different note. In other words, the coil abysmal performance including 0.3 ohms combined with obvious flaws contained in the counter is enough for me to direct advice to stay away from Vinci at all costs. But after a few uses two coils of 0.3 ohms, softens down well still can not fully recommended.

Vinci lot to him. Well built, he GENE.AI Chip and has a large 5.5 ml juice. But the tendency to solve the current silicon projection errors plug charging device according to a real break. The good news is that these questions (and others) can be improved Voopoo stay on top of your game. In its current state, Voopoo Vinci is a small change in the design of decision-making and firmware that are far from full recommendation.

You can buy here:Voopoo Nano

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