Comment with Relx Pod : Replacement Pre-filled Pod 15 Flavors

Vapeciga relx pod is one of the newest vaporizers on the market and promises a more comfortable, relaxing experience of vaping. Relx implement new heating technologies for simple disposable sheaths to create a very relaxing smoking experience at an affordable price.

We spoke to the director of the company and be part of our research, which is what is required to report. Given the new electronic cigarettes, be sure to read our opinion relx before going further!

First impression:
Relx is one of the fastest emerging e-cigarette, and rose from 38 million yuan investment IDG Capital in the first half alone. Relx first mission is to accelerate the transition to alternative cigarettes billion smokers in the world through its products. relx efforts to simple products, allowing customers easy as possible to smoke anywhere with less stress. Recently, the main priority of the company is manufacturing quality, which is also reflected in the initial set.

Product presentation:
Relx is perfect for those seeking an alternative to smoking device, but fight as little as possible to spend the snuff. relx devices are designed with state of the art and have the power and enough juice to keep chain smoking vaping with a subtle flavor of the day. It can be used in various places such as offices, restaurants and public areas without disturbing others. This device is a new and modern and refreshing comes in four colors, including gold rose popular.

Vapeciga airistech herbva is the first model to adopt FEELM heating systems worldwide. This system offers a revolutionary technology and the main vaping experience. FEELM container system combines a metal film with conductive ceramic instead of traditional cotton or cable.

The design of the metal film creates a noticeable heating of large surface to precisely regulate the temperature and thus appropriate. This, in turn, ensures the expansion of the steam production and a significant reduction of harmful substances.

hole ceramic honeycomb can be sufficiently and uniformly heat-liquid and each drop that makes the steam not provide richer and more refined bland flavor slot vaping with traditional technology. Relx vaping experience much more similar to traditional smoking.

relx liquid-e
relx devices, such as peas and other cig comes with a prefilled disposable cartridge which can only blow into the device for easy vaping. More preferably, the ceramic material to heat and seal the mounting device is designed to prevent or flow-liquid and escape.

The pods are sold relx pleasure is available in six flavors, including mint, classic snuff, blueberries, mango and lemon tea, and a set of three teeth costs only $ 19.90. Each flavor try the least a thousand times to make sure it is compatible with the FEELM system because we wanted to give customers a feeling of softness and relaxed.

Most vapers find that fact with salt nicotine airistech nokiva show new the most authentic and satisfying general. So it will stimulate the secretion of dopamine you crave

relx which is equipped with an internal battery that can be charged via USB in the bottom of the unit. Relx standard cable, you can connect a wall adapter or laptop for a fee. After only one hour of charging, the device is fully charged and ready to go. A full charge will last 24 hours so you can Vape night.

The use of ceramics in the framework of the e-cig atomizer relx provide excellence in battery performance. Nature ceramic allows heating of the oil to the temperature resistance, resulting in a more consistent flavor. Moreover, as corrosion resistant ceramic and oxidation, most cartridges relx durable than others.

In starter kit it is only $ 50 airistech vaporizer click in at a reasonable price compared to other pods Vape popular in the market today. Juul teeth, for example, as $ 50.Vape teeth, by their nature, although they tend to be more expensive than standard vaporizer pen mods and even a box just because it took a disposable cartridge.

Relx adopted a futuristic style simple and similar to Apple, and the device has a touch of elegance and intuition is the perfect choice for a gift.

Moreover, with the end surfaces and stainless steel and softer, more ergonomic than the relx Juul. The curvature of the original relx Vape-pod size and sharp outline seems to be the norm. However, the surface texture and shine relx has become one of the most visually attractive on the market.

Relx Summary:
After reviewing e-cig our E-cig relx-brands can confidently recommend relx as one of the vaporizer pods to try this year. Made without buttons, switches, or screen, pods relx Vape could not be friendlier. All you have to do is pop in a boat and is ready to vape.

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