How is Vape’s smoking cessation effect

In the United States, vape is currently the most popular smok cessation product, surpassing all FDA-approved smoking cessation aids, including nicotine patches, chewing gum, and prescription drugs. However, two recently published analysis reports of nationally representative longitudinal studies show that vape has no effect in helping adults quit smoking.

These analyses were led by researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, who used data from the Tobacco and Healthy Population Assessment (PATH) study, a longitudinal study of tobacco use and its impact on American health. The PATH study was carried out by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the FDA Tobacco Products Center under a contract with Westat. Between September 2013 and December 2014, 45,971 representative nationals were included. Adults and teenagers, and re-interview them every year.

In an analysis published online on September 2, 2020 in the journal “Public Science Library General”, the researchers observed 2,770 people who smoked every day. These people tried to Quit smoking. One in four people use vape to help them quit smoking. At the second follow-up one year later, 9.6% of vape users had been quitting smoking in the past 12 months. But there is no evidence that there is a difference in smoking cessation rates compared to people who do not use ijoy mesh vape tank.

The lead author of the study, Dr. John Pierce, a retired professor of cancer prevention at the University of California San Diego Moore Cancer Center, said: “Among these typical American smokers who are trying to quit, we have not found evidence that dreamer vape mod is helpful for smoking cessation.” The lack of effectiveness is also evident in the subsamples who use vape every day.”

The second analysis was published on the website of the American Journal of Epidemiology on July 27, 2020. It surveyed 2,535 daily and non-daily smokers from the PATH study dovpo topside. In the second year of the survey, the report stated that they tried to quit smoking in the following year. 17% of them use vape to help quit smoking. In the follow-up survey (the 4th year of the PATH study), 13% of people reported that they had not smoked for at least 12 months-which is higher than the rate in the first analysis, because of the quit rate of people who do not smoke daily higher.

The researchers again stated that there is no evidence that smoking cessation rates are different from those who do not use smok vape pen. However, in this analysis, it is clear that participants who use vape to quit smoking are unlikely to be smoke-free during follow-up follow-up. This is largely because many people who have quit smoking still use vape, which also contains nicotine.

“In these analyses, we carefully matched each smoker’s use of vape as a stop aid up to two similar smokers who want to quit smoking without using vape,” said Karen Messer Group, PhD, Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health, Director of Biostatics Moores Cancer Center and senior author papers at the University of California yooz vape pod system, San Diego. “Our results show that these smokers can also successfully quit smoking without using vape.” However, if vape is not used, they may be more successful in breaking the dependence on nicotine. “

Vape atomization crisis statistics are just the tip of the iceberg

According to foreign news agency Esquire, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield (Robert Redfield), had a conversation with Esquire about the current spread of electronic atomization in the United States Uwell Caliburn KOKO.

The following is the full text:

In short, electronic atomization is a crisis in the United States. In this era when Americans do not have much in common, the move against the use of Vape seems to be gaining full support.

In the past month, the president called for a nationwide ban on nicotine flavoured cartridges that attract young users, and some states have enacted their own restrictions. The CEO of JUUL resigned amidst the chaos, and the latest research on mice even showed that nicotine ingestion can cause cancer in mice.

Like the slowly burning Black Mirror plot, electronic atomization is killing people. In addition to the government’s regulatory measures Timesvape Dreamer, Americans are curious about what happened and how to worry.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began investigating the use of Vape in June, more than 1,000 Vape-related diseases have been reported and 18 deaths have been reported. Most of the THC cartridges are attributed to the illegal black market because they are manufactured outside the legal business environment Steam Crave HADRON Bundle, and the lack of supervision may result in many harmful ingredients including pesticides being put into the cartridges.

But according to the CDC, this does not exempt commercial production equipment such as JUULs from liability.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that among the more than 1,000 affected people Exseed Dabcool, the CDC found that 80% are under 35. From a numerical point of view, the situation does not look good.

The director of Kangvape Slick the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield (Robert Redfield) is concerned that these growing statistics are just the tip of the iceberg, especially since the use of Vape has become popular in recent years.

The CDC has just begun an investigation-Redfield’s concerns are not over yet. He turned to the phone with Esquire to talk about the different types of Vape, the problems behind the Thunderhead Creations cartridges, and the Americans may not even consider the emerging issues.

How to use Vape atomizer

Everyone knows that the atomizer is an important part of Vape. What is the role of the electronic atomizer? Know the use of the electronic atomizer to increase the service life of the atomizer. The following editor will introduce how to use Vape atomizer and how to install electronic atomizer.

How to use Vape atomizer? How to install electronic atomizer?

Vape must be charged the first time it is used, usually more than 4 hours. Electric lithium battery, so deep drawing and deep discharge should be done for the first use. After it is fully charged, replace it with a new cartridge, which is the cigarette holder. The installation is complete, here is a reminder that after installing the cartridge, do not use it immediately, wait for more than 1 minute to use it. The purpose of this is to make the liquid of the cartridge and the Vape atomizer better merge, and volatilize more smoke.

How to use Vape atomizer? Vape atomizer is mainly divided into three types: finished product, RBA and drip oil. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the use of these three atomizers, as well as the specific differences between how to install the electronic atomizer:

1. The finished atomizer is easy to use, and the electronic atomizer can be used after refueling, and the product consistency is good. The disadvantage is that the previous finished atomizers generally have a general taste, a small amount of smoke, and the high cost of Steam Crave changing the atomizer.

2. RBA, also known as oil storage atomizer. As the name suggests, the biggest feature is oil storage. Compared to RDA, the RBA atomizer is characterized by a better taste and a relatively large amount of smoke, but compared to RDA, the amount of smoke is not as large! Why? Because RBA has an atomizing core generally It is a finished atomization core, and it cannot be DIY like RDA. How to use an electronic atomizer? To put it bluntly, the use of an electronic atomizer cannot be done by yourself.

3. RDA, also known as drop oil atomizer. The components are the base, heating wire, cotton, cap and drip nozzle. First of all, to play RDA, you must wind the heating wire. Although the RDA will almost always have two pre-wound heating wire coils after buying it back, but in order to pursue low resistance and large smoke, many players still choose to DIY Heating wire.

How to use Vape atomizer? How to install electronic atomizer?

After inserting the coiled heating wire into the small hole, tighten the screw, RDA is half done. Then cut the excess heating wire beyond the screw hole, adjust the angle of the heating wire TC Box Mod, and try to move the coil to the middle. Then put the RDA on the ohm tester to test the resistance and see if it works. Press and hold the ignition key of the ohm tester to see if the two coils will heat up at the same time.

Remember: the normal heating of the electronic atomizer starts from the middle and then turns red and slowly continues to the two sides avp mod. This is the most correct. If it is not such a heating method, use ceramic tweezers to slowly adjust the heating wire to bring the coils together. Finally, use an appropriate amount of cotton to pass through the coil, make the extra cotton evenly, stuff it into the oil storage area of ​​the base, and drop an appropriate amount of oil against the cotton to allow the cotton to absorb the smoke oil, and the ignition button drives the atomizer avp vape.

Drip oil back and forth several times to drive the atomizer. Finally, put the finished atomizer on the mechanical pole or the box host, and you can enjoy the pleasure brought by the big smoke. The characteristic of the drip atomizer is that the amount of smoke can be large and the playability is high RTA.

Disadvantages In addition to the troublesome use of the RBA atomizer and poor consistency, the biggest disadvantage is that it has very little oil storage. The use of electronic atomizers requires frequent e-liquid, so it is not a cigarette substitute product, suitable for playing with heavy fog and taste It is not as good as rba but more of a toy.

Smoant Pasito Vape, Replacement and Charon Baby review

In summary and evaluation

Propel is a very good entry into the Smoant Pasito Vape Pod System And the best thing I’ve tasted to date, Replacement RBA Coil Head it even better. A reference that will take some beating – A must buy.

(Read on if you want to know why).


Ranking 9/10 – game changer

The highest value that can give because I do not believe in the 10/10. Perfection is subjective.


POD / AIO / MOD ??? – opaque line

I would put this in the category of AIO, but can technically be classified Mod tank and reel changes. Line with the evolution pods blur, leading to devices like Propel – Catfart calls for all I care! It is a compact spray device and I like the way the market is growing.


Main feature

Propel rich in features for such a small device, here are some of them:


Box content and content

From the start, you know you have something special; box is one of the packages are served better than I’ve seen with magnetic flap folds open to reveal a double which in turn reveals Propel. So there is the information printed on the flaps and the box with a USB-cable C is accepted, the additional coil and some cards will not be bothered to read (but not).


Very impressive at all, although it would be better if you include the RBA.



1 x mod Pasito

1 x cartridge Pasito

1 x Ni-coil 80 MTL 1.4Ω

1 x DTL 0.6Ω mesh coil

1 x cable load Type C

Warning 1 x Coil

Card 1 x Certificate

Warranty Card x 1

1 x User

First impression

A good first impression with the opening of the packaging, real Pasito own! It’s a nice bit of kit is a solid, well-designed, and the magnetic connection is made to remove and replace the spool winds. Style met with a mixed reception, I personally like. Smoant the following claims:



CPR is used as a material design that produces colored finish more beautiful and durable. No fingerprints. ”


grandma hand, I do not know CPR?



colorful printed resin?

Piss reaction cow?

My best guess is the second choice, but who knows? Additionally, Smoant Pasito II Pod Kit reacted and released a stylish addition to the carbon fiber should meet the enemy. Have time to be admired mod, I put it on charge faster and C friendly with USB cable. Then I begin the coil to the nacelle. He pulled out of the base, then simply unscrew the coil connector, very easy. Then I primed coil with a few drops of my favorite Nic juice Salt and screwed back and pushed together.


To fill pods, open ends and open fall to pay your eJuice without air pockets. Although it was dark plastic, it is easy to see the level of juice. When finished, replace the dropper tip and allow 15 minutes to soak and ready to vape.


The Pasito not ignore one of the most desirable features of an AIO, and adjustable airflow. He treats the cursor a little uncomfortable at the top of the nacelle. MTL layer (Mouth Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung). Although a little checklist to adjust, it is a welcome feature and benefits for me. It’s not the size of the smallest, but still a good compact and pocket friendly:


Features, comments and coil operations

On the one hand, the button shutter button, USB-C power control and ports. Interestingly willing shot dead button, which was unusual at the beginning, but I quickly got used to me. I find it easy to fire at several points waiting with fingers or thumb, a place never highlighted “pockets of fire” and have a high resistance. 5 button power settings to adjust power levels gently hard, the lowest power level suited me, but they are heated to improve vaporiser:


10 watt increase – 13-16 – 20-25 watts.


Basically there are a lot of ventilation holes on the opposite side to empty the shutter button, the rear panel is simply a function without CPR. CPR before two separate panels, one on top of the LED 5 serving for various functions:


power level – click the button at the desired improvement and see every point of light accordingly.

Battery Status – press the shutter button five lights will flash at full charge and decreases the number of points are displayed as the battery level is reduced.

battery levels – Each point reflects the charge level: 20% – 40% – 60% – 80% – 100%

A Pressing the shutter button five times to put the unit on standby and 5 clicks to return.


That’s all there is to do, very intuitive and easy to use. As mentioned above, the car has a magnetic connection and loosens easily but still adhere. Maybe unleash hell thereof and will remain in place.


“Pod” has a sliding property cartridge falls to the tip, which can be substituted with other suggestions Propel. boring is a commitment to meet the needs of MTL and DTL and to be honest, it was very good for both of them. There is a small plastic slider for controlling the flow of air, wide open to attract strict DTL, MTL almost closed provide a very good draw.


battery life is very good and much better than expected with a battery of 1100 mAh, and the cost is also very fast, even at the price of 1 ampere her. Which should last a day on moderate use.



MTL: 1.4ohm coil Ni-80,

DTL: 0.6ohm DTL mesh coil,

Replacement MTL-Ni80 Coil Head.

I was very impressed with everything about this kit, I had high expectations for the coil. Fortunately, they met and then some. The taste is sublime with longevity. 1.4 Ohm MTL salt vape Nic perfect grip and gives a really smooth, no precipitation or spitback. Force Level 1 is the group of coils, offers a warm and quick with his vape Ni80 material. 0.6 Ohm DTL kick nets as a donkey in the right direction. I was surprised how much this as DTL vape this low power, a rich and full flavor even at the highest levels of power 1. took it to Level 3, which is very hot and give a lot of clouds if you are in it. Initially, I tried the juice but try 70/30 50/50 and handle it well.


Compared with


I will not bore you with the details, all you need to know.


The only area that Propel Insurance is very high, but we’re talking about is already small, and no matter the device. Trinidad Smok Alfa closer to the characteristics and flavor, but a big disappointment for neglecting to incorporate adjustable air flow as it was very spacious (the next revision). Another mention only decent thing was Artery Pal II, which is very close in flavor and feature adjustable air flow with the new HP coils. In second place nearby but adjustable power function. Now it has launched Pal II Pro handle, but it is a great professional who struck all the water, we will see later.


While AIO (all in one), mostly covered, but came the icing on the icing!


Charon Baby Pod System Starter Kit

This is a game changer and make an AIO stunning and unbelievable!


consisting of:


platform RBA


510 adapter (so you can try and burn dry or mod Template ohm coils)

wire 2 x



seal Parts

I had to wait several weeks for the RBA me because I ordered from China, so I’m happy to use the coil. I do not think that to beat the media roll, but this option is much cheaper. After building the first one, I was surprised how easy it is to build a small bridge. A wire coil usage included (Ni80 I), which is a little rough hand injury up to 2.5 mm diameter rod.


This may seem tedious, but it’s pretty easy to get to the coil. Waiting on the bridge and prefolding legs to match the holes in the two positions. With the lower coil legs, the first entry is easy, but the second requires a little more attention, just use a small pair of forceps and needle tip insert around. slightly lower pin screws, not too tight you have to pull his leg with forceps, and once it is satisfied with the position that can tighten the screws (possibly with a coil of rod in 2.5mm) . This will damage the bit if the pinching rod coil and pull up to remove the air stream and the posts, then dried and pressed record shaped ceramic tweezers to remove any access point. Check Ohm stability and no shorts (mine is 1.4 ohms), you are already ready for the axle.


Cut strips of the axis of about 6 mm wide and remove the thin skin on both sides (not remove too), the rollers were loose, then press one end of the wire through the coil you. I found the strip through with some tension at both ends it helps maintain the shape of the coil. He must get by with little resistance. If it is too tight, it will test more coils means there is too much cotton. Cut to length, should reach just below the base, then slimmed down a little trick. Then, the spindle and the axis of juice (about 8 watts pulse is added when the juice) and feet when wet, must be in the Meta comfortable in a circular groove. Finally, screw in the manufacture of brand fireplace careful not to slip on cotton yarn.


All that remains to do is remove the base 510 and the screw on the bottom of your reel Propel makes the job!


Like much, but it took a few minutes total.


If you still are not sure then YouTube is your friend, find “Pasito Smoant RBA.”


So I installed Propel RBA coil in the cartridge, fill and tested. Not expecting much, I’m surprised how fantastic taste frikkin, especially with my first weird construction! They smoant have excelled in their R & D of the whole package. Despite the large roll of values, just use RBA now my skills have improved with each generation, I really liked the construction of RBA. It is much easier than many MTL RTA is mine.



Well, if you’ve read this far (well done), you see me in love with this AIO device, especially with the incredible RBA. I arrived at the advantages and disadvantages soon and I will fight with the inconvenience!


It would be nice if they included the RBA, but, to be fair, for the price was an incredible deal and I appreciate all the love in the world, not to build its own coil which is understandable remove PVP RBA is maintained.


I have tried and are numerous teeth and AIO Smoat Pasitio too but in their own league and it will be a tough act to follow. And others to follow, and more devices with options RBA or close, which is a positive development. “Fire and forget” pods still have their place and could see that the market is fragmented, but Pasito be the reference and if the new device is woke up late happier! Meanwhile, I am more than satisfied.


I’ll buy another if I lost or broke mine – I have “alternative” and that the RBA purchased 100% YES.


pros and cons


First sense of the market.

Variable watts.

construction quality.

Magnetic ‘Pod’.

coil is excellent values.

Easy to use.

Packaging and presentation is the best I’ve seen.

RBA excellent choice.

Battery duration.

fast charging.


adjustable airflow.

easy filling.

Style (subjective).

Pocket friendly.

Longe use.

Tank 3 ml (2 ml TPD).


Cons … .. uh …….

The model of love or hate.

RBA are not included.

More than most.

The DTL little too restrictive.

I do not know what CPR.

The box was too good to throw away.

I thought I was going to give