Can A Vape Shop Survive In A Neighborhood?

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Can A Shop Survive In A Neighborhood?

It is time to start the new year with an exciting event, Vapers Anonymous. We can help you make your voice heard by participating in our second annual Smoke Reduction Month. What began as a small gathering of close friends has blossomed into an international cause that now has the backing of millions of people who care about ending smoking. This is the time to take our campaign for social change and raise our collective voice for healthier living and healthier smokers.

One of the things that people enjoy most about joining forces with Vapers Anonymous is that it is done in the comfort and security of their own home. But it is not just the ability to stay home that makes it work; it is also about reaching out to as many people as possible and letting them know what we are doing. You have probably heard the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Well, with Vapers Anonymous that first impression will last a lifetime because every time one of our members walks into a retail establishment and hears a loud, clear voice for quitting smoking, they know that they are making the right decision and will be part of a group of peers who are setting the example for others to follow.

During Vapers Anonymous meetings it is often helpful to give away advice to shop staff in order to help them retain their customers. Some shops have implemented personalized glasses or key chains to help customers remember to quit. Other shops have created programs such as “Anaheim for Smokers” to bring them together with local support groups for additional support. But the one thing that is consistent throughout every shop is the fact that our staff work hard to help each customer. It is the staff’s responsibility to make sure that the entire staff is participating in the program because everyone deserves a second chance.

In order to participate in the Vapers Anonymous program, young adults should be at least 18 years old. All sales staff should be certified to sell e-cigs. If they are not then they should complete an approved training course. Anyone who is selling e-cigs should be wearing an ID badge with their name and a phone number. Anyone purchasing from a vapor store should be over the age of eighteen and a resident of the state that they are selling in.

The next year there will be a national celebration for the first year of the ban on smoking in public places called Smoke Gets Away Day. There are also other annual events that coincide with this date such as Vaping Fest in January and Vapor Day in April. The point of all of this is to raise awareness for the younger generation who are becoming the biggest users of electronic cigarettes. As we speak the sales of electronic cigarettes continue to skyrocket and are now out selling traditional cigarettes in every single state in the country.

So what does all of this mean for us as Vaper’s? This means that we have a solid foundation to start from if we are going to successfully fight against the dominance of the tobacco industry. Our nation’s youth have been greatly influenced by the advertising campaigns that tobacco companies use to tell our children to quit. Our youth are more likely to purchase an e cigarette rather than relying on an actual tobacco product. This is why it is extremely important that we take a strong stance against these harmful advertisements and fight back with the support of existing evidence based education campaigns targeting the youth.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to use local ordinances that have been proposed or already passed to restrict the sale of e-cigs to private residences, schools, libraries, and other public areas. There are currently two ordinances currently being considered in San Francisco and Chicago. Although these two cities have implemented similar bans on the sale of e-cigs in their respective neighborhoods, there is local variation in the specifics of the laws as well as the targeted venues.

For example, according to the San Francisco City Planning Department, “the city will not be enforcing any ban on sales of vapor devices at bars, libraries, or convenience stores.” The Chicago City Planning Department has a much different outlook and has threatened to enforce a ban on all e Cigarette sales within the city. However, the demographic makeup of Chicago’s population is highly diverse, consisting of both ethnic groups and multiple language speaking neighborhoods. Since Chicago is home to one of the most diverse climates in the United States, including a high concentration of African-Americans and Hispanic Americans, the potential for resistance to a complete ban on the sale of Vapor Cigarettes is very high.