Review for Voopoo Vinci : A Gene.AI Powered AIO starter kit 1500mah 5 5ml standard

The AIO or Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci is stylish case, such as call Voopoo, mod pod. AIO fashion lately, and the company seems to support innovation in this product category instead of the traditional shielding system. Vinci comes in the design of a recently introduced its RPM Smok with the device and something tells me that we will see more companies will follow. Watt is rectangular with AIO setting, a large color screen and a useful set of functions courtesy of the always reliable GENE.AI chip.

Unfortunately, I have not tried RPM, this review does not include a direct comparison between the two. But read on to find out if the recommendation of the value Voopoo Vinci.

Price: $ 39.95 (in the element of vaporization)
Gray Aurora, dazzling space, carbon fiber, real, red, turkey ink, opal, amber hills, jade green

Kit contents
quality of construction and design

I Vinci measuring 104 mm by 25 mm by 25 mm tall to fit in the hand, but not super-portable vaporizer in any way. Given its size, I think it weighs more. Weighing approximately 114 grams, which is slightly heavier than the lightest lost vaporizer Orion but version 3 of the API mini and much lighter than Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Mod show new

I received an edition of carbon fiber and see other colors, it’s probably the first time I was disappointed that I have a simple device; colorful look amazing! Build quality is top notch and battery carbon fiber that label, but it looks and feels like the real thing. These keys are dislocated and no toys at all. And the highlight is the bright, large color screen font that looks amazing and very readable.

plastic cover and comes to ergonomics of the funnel, but also has one of the biggest problems with this unit. the charging port is covered by a silicone plug, and the plug attachment point is too thin. Trait result covers two pods, and now I have to use tweezers whenever you wanted a refill. Note that I have never taken before the device (let alone two of them), so it is not a user error. There is no substitute in the box, so I stuck with what I had until I buy a new pod. It’s sad, but can easily be solved if Voopoo requires notification cards and redraw.


To start, take the coils of the box, cut five drops of juice, and insert it into the bottom of the car. PnP coils, which, as its name suggests, the n’play card, just hit them. Then pull the silicone connector (beware!) And pod filling with liquid mail.

The next step is to choose the side pontoons will be connected to the battery. The air flow varies depending on the yaw, and the game can be checked on both sides to select the desired one. Then allow the device to cancel at least five minutes to allow the coil is saturated. Turn on the device and you’re ready to go.Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci Mod is automatically adjusted according to Watts reel used.

Ticks GENE.AI Vinci provides a set of functions, but the operation is quite simple.

Five clicks the button, the need for input and output devices.
Three clicks by pressing the scroll button between the three shooting modes (P AUTO interesting and P & A manually activated per second).
Press + or – to adjust watt.
A press + and – keys to enter the interface BLAST together.
Pressing the fire – all hands to scratch your daily increasing numbers.
Pressing + and fire together to lock the device (you can withdraw or change watt when locked).
In the press of three buttons at the same time enter the interface clock (you can change the time with the + and -).

head coil PnP

Vinci is equipped with two coils in the box:

PnP-coil VM1 mesh (0.3 ohm)
PnP-Kanthal coil R1 (0.8 ohms)
Voopoo register R1 Vinci and tennis nets, but a little research and I am sure it Kanthal coil or parallel cable. Note that the device is compatible with all coils Voopoo pnp this, pull the same baby rolls and using S Trio.

Two coils, including the lungs inhaled directly. The NIC power options, you can be considered a type of 0.3 ohm coils limited to ohm coils lung tank and about 0.8 ohm coils are stronger than the average tank MTL their rolls.

Apart from the two coils, two people homeless seem to 0.3 and 0.8 70VG main shaft. 0.3 began to have problems and should be changed after five refills, but do not forget that the juice pod carries 5.5 ml. 0.8 ohm coils will be strong in the third charge, but stopped after use of the coil better simply Vape 0.3 ohm in general.


I started saying coils 0.3 ohm coils can sheathe AIO / more potent than tried. 3 mg Ohm juice use with secondary tank did not feel small at all in this coil and I personally no more than 6 mg. I would say I’m out of the middle range Vape ohm coils with tank under (think Innokin isub-B).

With a selection of airflow, is a semi-DL vaporizer allows more limited, taking 3-4 seconds and an impressive steam. I go with options limited airflow tooltips even more flavor, but it may have to reduce the power of 35 watts default. I tend to use the air flow more open, but some can appreciate a tight draw a limited selection of airflow.

0.8 ohm coils are not too impressive, but it was not a bad feeling. It is smaller, but the taste is slightly muted with respect to a 0.3 ohm coil. I prefer to control air flow 15 watts or 12 watts default in the air flow control. Depending on the airflow and force you to go, I suggest you start with something about 6 mg of nicotine regularly and no more than 20 mg of salt Voopoo Drag Nano Pod get code. Note that the taste and persist in this coil, which can be annoying if you like the juice change along the day.

One important thing to note is that the two devices that have received came with a coil bad 0.3 ohms. And by bad, I mean blow dry after cleaning of those affected, regardless of the length of breathing and the ratio of PG / VG. Fortunately, Voopoo Too Mod click in sends me an extra box of this coil, I have tested extensively and works very well even with a drink over 4 seconds at 35 watts. I have yet to find someone else to complain online, so I guess my coil came from a bad batch. But keep in mind that if your reel gives you a hard time.

Retrograde had some serpentine me drainage and flood once, these two things when the juice is low. And I got to drought came when I was holding the device in a long corner. However, this problem can be applied, and are fine for occasional use of 0.8 ohm coils, especially if you are worried about running out of battery on the outside.

Apart from the performance of the coil devices fast shooting in manual mode, but the sensor can be delayed sometimes, especially in the A & P did not feel very consistent and I found a middle interruption spray frequently, but if ‘M wheezing. It does not bother me, especially because the manual mode is used, but some may find annoying. Finally Vinci refused to shoot two or three times, but returned to normal after suffering some liquid that accumulate between the battery and the pods.

the battery and the load

The house Vinci 1500 mAh battery, which is pretty impressive for a camera of its size. It is charged via micro USB port which is placed at the bottom of the device, so you will not be able to complete the installation of your hand. I am a full charge in one hour and 15 minutes, which is normal for this battery.

Using a 0.3 ohm coil, I went through a portion of the nacelle (about 6-6.5 ml) before having to be responsible. A coil of 0.8 ohms, which successfully passed the complete nacelle. I expected a little more, but the upper resistance coil juice consumed at a level lower than what I have to work hard to go through a full gondola in one day. Overall, the lifetime of the battery Vinci solid, but I felt safer leaving my position with the coil of 0.8 ohms, so I’m not sure I would be able to meet some time during the day.

problematic use

I had some disturbing incidents when the load Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp RBA and feel that a separate section is justified.

The first time you connect the device, and while costs are very low, I use it to check the pass-through support. It works so well that I still use it for a while, to continue to take after a stroke. I checked to see if the keys are locked, but it was not, so I removed the lid and put it back. And he started shooting again! I’m in a panic mode, it was found that the device and delete contacts, back in the boat and the shooting stopped. Then it all happens again.

I can not determine what was wrong and I have not managed to make it happen again. Certainly not automatically rejected while sitting in the office is used but, for the moment, there are two things I can say is do not use the device while charging, and generally keep an eye on the fixture. Hopefully this is a problem that can be easily fixed by the update.

pros and cons
Great build quality
It feels good in the hand
Edition colors look awesome
convenient channel
Two air flow options
It may contain 5.5 ml of juice
strong magnet
The screen is bright and easy to read font that
Two air flow options depending on how you enter the nacelle that
fast and accurate shot biochips
To 2 weeks can be useful
good battery
Compatible with five rolls
0.3 ohm coils delectable hollow package
facilitate airflow
easy connection defective silicone
Continue to stand by if not used for a while
Watt default function set after standby
A & P flexible sensor and automatically
0.3 ohm coils including poor
0.8 ohm coils can flood and spit juice when low
a little leak in a pod
do not stop shooting when used in connection (happened several times)

If you do not send additional coil Voopoo package of 0.3 ohms, this review will end up with a very different note. In other words, the coil abysmal performance including 0.3 ohms combined with obvious flaws contained in the counter is enough for me to direct advice to stay away from Vinci at all costs. But after a few uses two coils of 0.3 ohms, softens down well still can not fully recommended.

Vinci lot to him. Well built, he GENE.AI Chip and has a large 5.5 ml juice. But the tendency to solve the current silicon projection errors plug charging device according to a real break. The good news is that these questions (and others) can be improved Voopoo stay on top of your game. In its current state, Voopoo Vinci is a small change in the design of decision-making and firmware that are far from full recommendation.

You can buy here:Voopoo Nano

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes

I think the advantages and disadvantages of switching from cigarettes and heat-not-burn cigarettes to electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are of concern. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes (VAPE), which have become popular in recent years. If you are thinking of trying an electronic cigarette (VAPE) from now on kangvape, please refer to it before purchasing it.

What is an electronic cigarette (VAPE) in the first place?

Even if you’ve heard the word electronic cigarette (VAPE), many people may not be able to grasp what it really is. So, first of all, I will briefly explain about electronic cigarettes (VAPE). Electronic cigarette (VAPE) is a luxury item for heating a scented liquid called flavor to taste the generated water vapor. Since no tobacco leaves are used, both nicotine and tar are zero, the effect on health is low, and the peculiar odor is not a concern. By the way, the word VAPE is said to be derived from the English word “vaporizer” which has a meaning like an evaporator or a vaporizer. Coupled with its fashionable appearance, the electronic cigarette (VAPE) is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan as well as overseas celebrities such as Hollywood stars, as well as Japanese celebrities and celebrities.

Due to this price increase and the fact that it can be used near non-smokers without worrying about second-hand smoke, it is expected that it will become even more widespread in the future.

What are the benefits of using an electronic cigarette (VAPE)?

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have many advantages. If you’re wondering whether to change from a cigarette, let’s first check the benefits.

No need for an ashtray, no matter where you smoke

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) do not require an ashtray because they do not produce cigarette butts. In addition, because it is not a tobacco product, it is not subject to the revised Health Promotion Law and has the advantage that it can be used in more places than cigarettes vv vw mods. The number of restaurants that declare that they can use electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is gradually increasing.

Can be used without worrying about the so-called “cigarette odor”

One of the characteristics of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is that not only nicotine but also tar is zero. Tar is a substance that causes the odor peculiar to cigarettes, but the liquid of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) does not contain this tar. It doesn’t smell easily in your clothes, room, or car, and you can use it at home, at work, or with friends who don’t smoke, without hesitation.

You don’t have to pollute your room or teeth with tar

Tar contained in cigarettes causes not only odor but also pigmentation, and when you smoke, you may notice yellowing of your teeth or the walls of your room may turn yellow. Yellowing of teeth makes the impression of the first meeting worse, and treatment such as whitening may be required to improve it, so it is important to prevent pigmentation. In that respect, tar-free electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can be used with confidence without worrying about pigmentation.

Economical in the long run

If you buy a new e-cigarette (VAPE), you will need to prepare the main body, liquid, maintenance tools, etc., so many people will find it expensive. However, once you buy the main unit, you only need to buy a few liquids a month. For example, with my Blum, you can purchase a pack containing two 1.5ml flavor pods that can be sucked about 300 times for 920 yen. Since mybluTM is a POD type VAPE, maintenance is not required, and basically, there is no cost other than this flavor pod. What’s more, you can get a starter kit that includes the main unit and flavor pods for 2,700 yen, so the initial cost is not that high. In the long run, e-cigarettes (VAPE) prove to be more economical than cigarettes.

Can also be used as non-smoking / smoke-reducing goods

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are recommended for those who want to graduate from cigarettes and want to reduce smoking. First of all, the liquid of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) sold in Japan is nicotine-free, so using it as a substitute for cigarettes will contribute to smoke reduction. If you use a cigarette-based or menthol-based liquid, you will feel like you are smoking. The reasons why you can’t quit smoking are “the effects of nicotine” and “mental problems such as wanting to smoke and feeling lonely”, so electronic cigarettes (VAPE) can also be used to eliminate these problems.

Enjoy flavors that suit your taste and mood Today, liquid flavors are said to be innumerable. You can enjoy it just by trying various flavors, and it is also an advantage of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) that you can purchase multiple flavors and change the liquid according to your mood. With mybluTM mentioned above, as of August 2019, you can purchase all 11 flavors, including ice berries and strong menthol, which are limited to Japan. What are the disadvantages of using an electronic cigarette (VAPE)?

The disadvantages should be confirmed along with the advantages. Here, we will introduce the disadvantages of general electronic cigarettes (VAPE).


It is expensive for short-term use because there is a purchase cost of the main body

As mentioned above, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have an initial cost because you have to buy the main body and maintenance tools depending on the product first. If you give up switching to e-cigarettes (VAPE) because “cigarettes are good”, the cost will be high.

Some items require time and effort for charging and maintenance.

Since electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are heated by electricity, they need to be charged in advance like heated cigarettes. Nowadays, some devices can be charged from USB such as PCs, and you steam crave can charge them on the go, but it can be a disadvantage that it takes time to charge. In addition, some e-cigarettes (VAPE) do not work well without regular maintenance, such as replacing cotton and coils that soak in the liquid.


Review of uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pods amulet Crown 4

I received a vapeciga Caliburn KOKO Well the purpose of this review.

specifications and features well talisman:

– Dimensions: 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2 mm
– Main ingredients: PCTG, polycarbonate, silicone
– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml
– Battery capacity 370mAh Create
– Output: 10W Max
– Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm

– monodosis style system is the first to see the world
– Rechargeable 370mAh 2ml and nacelle
– Compatible with e liquid nicotine and salt
– the design of the load down
– extract air mechanism is activated
– Support Micro-USB charging
– Only Pro-Focs Taste test technology
– Extend the life of the anti-dust system
– Some system protection features to ensure stability, security and reliable performance


In the box:

– Well talisman system pod kit
– Micro USB cable
– Manual

Well talisman is the first sheath system can bring your watch. When I received this device and after that I tried it, I liked the idea, so I can say it is a very interesting device. Because of the design of this device you can carry this device is always with you and always will be a pod under your supervision system, but also because the device is so small you can not wear strapless sheath system if desired. Quality construction, so far everything looks pretty good, look good color quality, and after a few days of using these devices every day a new display color like a very good deal.

Since this vapeciga nunchaku is a capsule type of watch, let me start with the bracelet, silicone and so far looks good. You can pretty much easy to put in hand and there is no possibility that it might accidentally fall over. Honestly, I really like the design, I like the way it looks in my hands, but this is very subjective.

On the bracelet you can see the slot for the pod system. In slots, you can see the part containing the gondola system in place and there is no possibility that the system may drop pods, standing perfectly in place. Also in the slot where you can see the top of the funnel and because they leave room for powder funnel can not enter into a funnel which is really good. External slot You can see the button and use the buttons to release the slot in the sheath system. All you have to do is press the button and remove the device, these buttons also work very well and there is no possibility that the button is pressed accidentally.

In the pod system you can see some details on the back, you can see recorded “good” and you can see the “amulet”. From the top of the device you can see cartrdige. The cartridges are perfectly in place and remove the cartridge you need to push a bit and can be removed, it is very simple to do. Embudo in the cartridge is very comfortable to use, in my opinion, but still low and some may not like that.
This cartridge has a capacity of 2 ml, which is the ability of a very good, especially because the device is very small, also means that this system is a smaller sheath that I have used.
cartrdige a spool winding and very 1.6ohm resistance. From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the connection and you can see the air holes.

hole airflow is very small and can say that the air is excellent for vaping MTL and as I said increased airflow in the system pod, here the air flow is perfect, at the same I like. Air flow device is very similar to Caliburn Well, so if you like airflow Uwell Crown Pod show new as if here too.

From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the fill hole. At the mouth of the fuel tank you can look quite easy to remove. Filling the holes well and can refill cartridge easily and smoothly.

From the top of the camera, you can see the flow of the cartridge as said cartridge is held in place perfectly. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port and you are going to use this USB port to charge the battery. This device has a built-in 370mAh battery battery capacity and is very suitable for this device because the device is very small, so I think the battery of this device is perfect.
On one side of the camera, you can see the buttons in front of the camera, you can see the screen.
I can say that most of this unit’s screen and enjoy it.
On the screen you can see:

– coil resistance
– The battery indicator
– time
– Date
– Today

On the screen, you can see the contact button on the left you can see the buttons on the right side you can see the other. I truly believe that this sheath system has a battery indicator and the best indicator of the battery in the case of system, because the display.
Using the buttons on the side, you can turn on and off, or turn off, you must press a button 5 times. When the camera is active and when the button is pressed three times, you can set the time and date through the touch keys on the screen. Also, if you click the button on the side of your screen, if you press a button on the screen is pressed twice is also underway.

I think a perfect on this unit and the screen is very Caliburn Pods click in so you can see everything very nice.

A protection device:

– More vaporizer indications
– Open circuit protection
– Short-circuit protection
– low power indicator
– Protection against overheating

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

As I said at the beginning, when I started using this product I really like the idea of ​​seeing a vaporizer. This is a very good idea to watch the pod system, because that way you will always have your pod system on your wrist and you can use this envelope system where you do not want to use larger devices.
Personally, I liked the way the appearance of the device, such as the hands, which is good in my opinion.
big screen and really thought we had a pod system with a screen. On the screen, you can always see the battery capacity and you can still see the date and time it was good enough for me.
It is very easy to fill the cartridge and the capacity of the cartridge is good, especially because this system is a very small part of the pod, even if used herein, the molten salt e-nic will be a large capacity for you. Battery capacity is also very good for this device and in combination with the work coil 1.6ohm equally well.
airflow is very good here, what the system airflow and the actual pod mtl really because the airflow.
Flavor with the use of molten salt NIC and here is very good and strong blows throat, I and the molten salt 35 mg nic. So I tried this product with exceptional liquid and can say that the taste was surprisingly good.
This device has an automatic switch which means that it will develop, I can say that the circuit breaker works well and so far, it works with every draw very well. In combination with the excellent 1.6ohm coil production flow of air and vapor steam and hot water good.
I can suggest this particular device if you want to have your electronic cigarette always with you in your hand as your watch. Given how this device works, I recommend advanced users and also recommend to beginners who like watches and people who always want to have the electronic cigarette.

I can say that this pod system into a sheath that is better out there for a very good air flow and because this device has a good taste with salt and usual liquid uwell amulet get code.


– Only one cartridge in the pack
– Condensation between the cartridge and the device


– excellent design
– A very good idea in my opinion
– Good build quality
– Good Color
– Choice of colors
– Muñequera looks good so far
– the button slot works well
– No dirt in the funnel, when the device is in the slot
– Big screen
– You can see all that is good on the screen
– The battery indicator
– touch button
– a capacity of 2 ml
– The battery capacity of this beautiful device
– Easy to fill the cartridge
– comfort funnel
– excellent airflow
– breaker works well
– Feel good

Recorded in the 370mAh battery and are not adjustable direct output devices. It has a built-in USB support, but could not find the level in the list. I tried three times with USB meter line and the level of charges to a maximum .57A if the average load amps. I prefer 1A normally, but because of the small size of the battery is faster. Fully charge 40-45mins fast charge. Size you a 376mah battery 361mah. quite high marks uwells that hope are the savings. Hopefully slightly larger, other systems such as cable cars, but understandable because of its size battery so that you can emulate a smart watch. However, each envelope is obtained almost complete cost vaping 2 ml. In addition, it has a gateway as vaping (breaking load) so that it can vape while charging. No decline by the end of fall, the part of the funnel of the boat itself.

Well talisman built quite well and light. It is plastic so it feels a little on the cheap side. Really not much to say about vapeciga Crown 4 uwell only comes in one color and plastic, but do not use so that was nice.

The pods attached to the battery system settings here and worked very well and what does not fit well with the movement or play. To remove the veil is removed only. filling pretty basic. Just a simple rubber stopper at the back if you need to fill out a popup just open the rubber stopper. Very simple and easy to do.

Usage is quite simple. It has no physical buttons shutter button, but more features. It also has a button 2. Click physical button five times to turn on or off. Click three times to set the time and date and use the buttons to adjust. Hold for 4 seconds to switch between the right hand or left hand provision. Moreover, one fire pod explosion that worked very well for me and there was no problem. Since the sheath has a screen made for him, he’s got a real nice deck in the opposite direction is similar to many mods. It also shows the resistance of the coil as well. pod is located behind the battery, but it is very dark with a second screen, it is very difficult to see the level of juice. I hope the pod itself is clear, especially because when used as a clock, you can not see anyway pod. Companies really need to stop tinting pods.

You can buy here: uwell

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Vape atomization crisis statistics are just the tip of the iceberg

According to foreign news agency Esquire, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield (Robert Redfield), had a conversation with Esquire about the current spread of electronic atomization in the United States Uwell Caliburn KOKO.

The following is the full text:

In short, electronic atomization is a crisis in the United States. In this era when Americans do not have much in common, the move against the use of Vape seems to be gaining full support.

In the past month, the president called for a nationwide ban on nicotine flavoured cartridges that attract young users, and some states have enacted their own restrictions. The CEO of JUUL resigned amidst the chaos, and the latest research on mice even showed that nicotine ingestion can cause cancer in mice.

Like the slowly burning Black Mirror plot, electronic atomization is killing people. In addition to the government’s regulatory measures Timesvape Dreamer, Americans are curious about what happened and how to worry.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began investigating the use of Vape in June, more than 1,000 Vape-related diseases have been reported and 18 deaths have been reported. Most of the THC cartridges are attributed to the illegal black market because they are manufactured outside the legal business environment Steam Crave HADRON Bundle, and the lack of supervision may result in many harmful ingredients including pesticides being put into the cartridges.

But according to the CDC, this does not exempt commercial production equipment such as JUULs from liability.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that among the more than 1,000 affected people Exseed Dabcool, the CDC found that 80% are under 35. From a numerical point of view, the situation does not look good.

The director of Kangvape Slick the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield (Robert Redfield) is concerned that these growing statistics are just the tip of the iceberg, especially since the use of Vape has become popular in recent years.

The CDC has just begun an investigation-Redfield’s concerns are not over yet. He turned to the phone with Esquire to talk about the different types of Vape, the problems behind the Thunderhead Creations cartridges, and the Americans may not even consider the emerging issues.

How Does Smok Scar-18 Mod Profitable

Smok case mods have long been one of the most popular and innovative on the market. Its combination of chipsets quick cooking, 18650 dual capacity and excellent tanks have become one of the most popular ways to Vape high VG ejuices.The Scar-18 is the newest addition to its line. Continuing the tradition Smok, the updates are incremental, but still useful. And, of course, there is a completely new tank to go with the Smok-18 scar.

But in terms of power and eJuice, box mods potential seems to have been reached. The more than 200 watts once seemed unattainable, has now been the norm for a while. And Wile there are some modifications that are also compatible with large batteries 21700, it appears smok squonk mod that the industry has settled on 18650s, and two of them, as the norm.

Smok Mods have been producing 220 to 230 watts of power for years, and there’s really no practical reason for a lot more power than this. Although there are tanks it subohm that work in more than 100watts, including cloud Vape hunters usually in powers in environments of high and low numbers two, three.
As a mod is only as good as your tank, there’s really no reason for mods four outputs huge battery with more than 300 watts. human lung with these limitations in place, which are, in part, for the whole ability when the cloud of persecution, there would not seem to be much room for improvement. And where it is true that a foreign mod three years can operate the newest Smok tanks easily, this is not strictly speaking accurate. The new scar Smok-18 has a number of intelligent and useful improvements that make it a valuable addition to the collection of any vaper.

A quick look at the Scar-18 Smok seems to reveal the typical modern mod Smok. Has a large screen and easy to use, inlaid colorful and nicely paired with a subohm tank. But there is more to the mod 18 Cicatriz than it seems.
Fouling is leather and metal. This not only gives the Cicatriz-18 a look classier, which makes it easier to grip when wet. And this brings us to perhaps the greatest of all feature. The scar is Smok-18 certificate IP67 dustproof and resistant to water. This means no dust will not only work their way into the device, compromising its longevity, but can withstand being submerged for half an hour in water between one centimeter and one meter deep. More applicable, it is that this means that is resistant to the spill and can be cleaned.

Powered by two batteries of 18 650, the scar-18 has a maximum output of 230 watts. It has been built in four ways to add flavor to optimize production compared to the cloud, or you can adv vape manipulate your own setting with OLED color screen.

The scar Smok-18 has a new IC chip-X, which makes efficient use of battery power and has a time of rapid-fire lightning.

No box kit MOD is complete without a tank subohm quality. And, the apparently without Smok Mod is completed with an entirely new set tank and coil. While this can make things confusing, the new tank Smok TFV9 the scar-18 has cut a selection of coils, a refreshing change from the almost impenetrable list of Smok coils is famous for offering.

The Smok TFV9 design uses a lamp glass pyrex maintaining an impressive 6.5 ml eJuice and is 28 mm in diameter. With a charging slot and adjustable air flow, it is quite easy to use and extremely reliable. So far, it has not proven to be prone to leaking, blow Smok imposed against some previous designs.

The coil is remarkable. A 0.15ohm mesh coil works best between 40 and 90 watts. This is exactly the power range that I seek as 100W, most clouds have also worked a bit steep for my taste and I prefer closer to 50watts as my power setting.

Despite the wide open air flow, the reservoir still contains evidence of the lock up child that is easy to handle, but seems relatively effective for its intended use. The wire connector is gold plated for added durability.

The performance of Smok Scar-18 is improved compared to its predecessors, but his greatest claim vaporizergiant to fame is to be waterproof and the new TFV9 tank. These are two good reasons to upgrade, especially if you are looking for a new design of the tank. Although only a gradual improvement in its stablemates, it is still somewhat impressive kit.